0% - Sugar
0% - Gluten
0% - Sodium
0% - Chemicals
0% - Cholesterol
Selenium, Zinc
Magnesium, Iron
Potassium, Calcium
Fiber, Protein, Rutin
Phosphorus, Copper



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Sat, 24 Feb
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Asian Food Festival

The Historic Village
159, 17th Avenue, Tauranga


Delicious Roasted Buckwheat

Amazing Plant-Based Protein!


Your new substitute for rice, pasta or potatoes

roasted buckwheat kasha meal

Very important tips:

Do not confuse roasted buckwheat with raw one!!!

Roasted buckwheat meal is called Kasha!
Kasha is a food that can be served both as a savory dish and a sweet one.
It is the best alternative to rice, pasta, and potatoes!

Savory Kasha is prepared seasoned with salt and flavored with butter.

Kasha is full of protein (x3 time more than quinoa or couscous)
Goes really well with mushrooms and onions, stir-fried veggies
seafood, meat, fish, etc.
experiment, it is great with almost anything.
see recipe suggestions

- Cook like rice -

how to cook kasha

гречка каша roasted buckwheat kasha