0% - Sugar
0% - Gluten
0% - Sodium
0% - Chemicals
0% - Cholesterol
Selenium, Zinc
Magnesium, Iron
Potassium, Calcium
Fiber, Protein, Rutin
Phosphorus, Copper

Recipe Suggestions

Kasha is amazingly delicious. It is one of the best foods for your digestive system and guts!

You will never feel bloated, tired, or sleepy after a bowl of kasha; moreover, you will be full of energy and feel like you haven't had any meal, but hunger is gone!

The most common and practical way to have a roasted buckwheat meal is a savory dish called kasha. Any ingredients can be mixed up with roasted buckwheat! Vegetables or meat, sweet or sour, hot or cold! Hot meals are more popular though.

Roasted buckwheat is the best and healthiest alternative to potato, rice, and pasta!

It is the only type of food on Earth that is a staple and super at the same time.

Which makes it is the best food on the planet.

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