0% - Sugar
0% - Gluten
0% - Sodium
0% - Chemicals
0% - Cholesterol
Selenium, Zinc
Magnesium, Iron
Potassium, Calcium
Fiber, Protein, Rutin
Phosphorus, Copper


Kasha Bowl for lunch ? 
Other then the amazing taste, this Traditionally roasted buckwheat has incredible health benefits.. 
Improving your gut and heart health, supporting your mental health, boosting your immune system, helping with weight loss, a great source of protein.. amongst many others.. thank you @baybuckwheat for your passion and delivery of this quality food

A must try!


I’ve been enjoying Roasted Buckwheat for the last 2.5 years . Buckwheat is my standby meal.

Whenever I don’t know what to cook or are feeling lazy to cook, buckwheat is what I turn to.

I thoroughly recommend roasted buckwheat as an easy to cook meal, which tastes great every time.

I am at home cooking some delicious roasted buckwheat kasha, introduced to me by my flatmate.
I find that roasted buckwheat has a very pleasant delicious flavour, nutty sort of quiet almost like brown bread.

It's a lovely dish to cook at home because it's very easy to prepare.
I put it in my rice cooker and give it one rinse with the water and add 2 parts of water to 1 part of buckwheat. 
I push the button and let it cook. 5 minutes later I got my kasha ready to eat!

On the side today I have some sweet corn and green peas as well as wild sardines which is very delicious, just you know make it a complete meal with meat and vegetables like a staple food! Perfect, delicious, anybody can do it.

I've cooked the buckwheat mixed with Quinoa on Tuesday, then mixed through cooked vegs, without any butter. It was so easy to cook and enjoyed the nutty taste. I'll try cooking with some white rice next time.

Manager at English School

My name is Derek McTaggart I am a natural therapist who specializes in the correction of chronic to life threatening illnesses. No matter what you have its my job to correct it if that is possible.?

Nutrition is a major component in our well being as is the functionality of i the colon or gut as it is commonly referred to. 
I have been taking roasted buckwheat for a month every day sometimes twice daily to find it has become my preferred food of choice. Not only is it simple to prepare but it takes no time at all and delivers outstanding ease of absorption. It meets so many requirements of a natural food all contained within one product. My body craves it now. There are so many varieties and combinations with which to have it. My favorite is with avocado. . 
I have experimented with late night snacks prior to bed of an entire sachet to see if there are any lag or sluggishness to my system for there to be non at all.

I thoroughly endorse roasted buckwheat kasha as an essential adjunct to having a living food diet what is more is it is cost effective with zero gluten. I have included it as a staple in my diet and recommend it to my patients.

Rice cooker buckwheat 
Boiled potatoes diced 
Tuna fish n oil 
Cracked Pepper 

Its a good combination, texture, flavour, easy to make, cheap ingredients. Per meal cost $3-4

Had my very first meal of this delicious roasted buckwheat which I purchased at the Big Little Markets yesterday.

It was far easier to cook than rice, served it with salad and prawns. Delicious! Will be a staple in my pantry. Thank you :)

  1. I had some of your roasted buckwheat kasha at 11:30 pm.. a full 100g portion. No weight in my stomach. I have never known anything to do that. Clear.  Rather special. No matter what you eat, even an orange has weight and drains the body. . Not buckwheat. Perfect for sick people. .. where food assimilation drains their life force to extract the vitality. Only juices do that. 

  2. The feedback was very positive from the children of the Aims Games.

  3. I have been cooking roasted buckwheat heaps. I gave it to my kids yesterday for the first time with stir-fried veggies and they loved it. They were a bit hesitant first, but when I told them how healthy it is they were right into it.

  4. Roasted buckwheat kasha is so fantastic when you travelling, I am on my tour and I am amazed the number of places that have microwaves and kettles. I am saving a lot of cash by eating buckwheat! And it means that I'm getting all the health benefits along! It is just fantastic!

  5. Exciting news. I’m staying in a hotel in Te Anau with only a kettle in the room. I put your BUCKWHEAT in this Tupperware container and left it for 15 minutes It cooked perfectly!

  6. Used Avocado. All mixed together with buckwheat. .. so easy to eat.! Filling without feeling tired.. that means its assimilated easily into the system... perfect food types deliver this.

  7. Hi, we brought some of your buckwheat today at the Cambridge market. Just having some for dinner amazing stuff thank you. Regards Peter

  8. Every time I have roasted buckwheat my body tells me how much it loves it. It's like eating love, exactly that. Last night i added broccoli, cauliflower, peas, parsley, avocado, tuna. I couldn't believe how I felt every fork load the same!

  9. Had buckwheat at midnight last night! Slept right through! Body loves it!