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Helps to treat arthritis

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Buckwheat has anti-arthritis properties

The rutin present in buckwheat fights inflammation, so it has also been used in helping to treat arthritis. A French study from January 2008 published in the Arthritis Research & Therapy journal claimed that rutin reduced the human macrophage-derived inflammatory in vitro, and also reduced the clinical signs of arthritis in lab rats.

Buckwheat has anti-arthritis properties

Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Arthritis Properties

The potential positive health effects of rutin are not limited to vascular benefits. Foods rich in rutin, such as buckwheat groats, have also been credited with fighting inflammatory conditions such as arthritis. A French study published in the January 2008 edition of the journal Arthritis Research & Therapy found that rutin was capable of reducing human macrophage-derived inflammatory mediators in vitro as well as of reducing clinical signs of chronic arthritis in rats.

Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Arthritis Properties

Inhibiting Arthritis And Other Inflammatory Conditions

The rich supply of rutin in buckwheat could improve arthritis and other inflammation-related conditions by inhibiting the inflammatory response.

Cells known as macrophages are the major source of inflammatory mediators during an immune response. Remarkably, a study published in the journal Arthritis Research & Therapy demonstrated that rutin has the potential to modify the expression of proinflammatory genes in human macrophages. The researchers found that, in vitro, rutin can reduce human macrophage-derived inflammatory mediators. They also found that, in rats, rutin can inhibit the clinical signs of chronic arthritis.

Another study found that oral administration of rutin can attenuate inflammatory bowel conditions such as colitis. This effect was related to rutin’s capacity to boost glutathione levels in the colon. This in turn reduces tissue damage from intestinal oxidative stress, characteristic of inflammatory colitis.

Inhibiting Arthritis And Other Inflammatory Conditions