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Why I am not losing anything?

Blog » Why I am not losing anything?


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"I eat buckwheat but I am not really losing any weight. What am I doing wrong? I supposed to lose some weight according to one of the main buckwheat benefits". 

This is what I hear sometimes What to tell back?  How to reply?
Firstly - need to ask some questions.

How do you usually eat buckwheat? 
It appeared buckwheat was used as a side dish or complementary to the range of dishes, or in the middle of the table at some pot just lost between other dishes.

Often knife and fork are used to chase 3 or 4 buckwheat seeds around the plate! When one seed is caught it got squashed by a fork at the surface of the knife and royally placed at the mouth. Than almost kinda inhaled and directed to the stomach direction. 

So can you really and actually or practically lose some of your precious fat by eating buckwheat? -- You know what? Actually YES! 
And the only thing you need to do: guess what? you need to eat buckwheat! 

You need to EAT it! 

If you nibble buckwheat. it is not gonna help you! 

What if you bite it? NO! Not gonna work! 

What about absorbing it? If you were a frog you could just sleep inside a huge bag of buckwheat and probably absorb it through the skin! But un or not un, fortunately, you are not a frog!
Should you gnaw buckwheat? No, cos it is soft when cooked. It is not really possible.
How about pecking? You are welcome if you are a hen! 

There is a word that I would use here! 


You cannot do this with rice! Potato or pasta. Otherwise, you gonna bloat and explode
But the amazing news is that you can EAT buckwheat as much as you want or can! Look at the photo below! This is my lunch today. Look at my hand, I had to stretch it to hold the plate because the plate or a bowl is not small! It is a big bowl 90% filled with roasted buckwheat! 


This is how you lose it! All you fat that you don't want! 
At the bowl above about 0.6kg of buckwheat! Yes! more than a half kilo! And this is not a limit! Also at this bowl about 30g of protein! Yes! No meat but 30g of protein! It is a lot! Equal to a big chunk of fresh salmon! And it is all in buckwheat!
After I had lunch I went for a walk! And I felt no weight on my stomach at all! It was like I never had any lunch apart I wasn't hungry anymore for the next 5 hours!

That is the best way to acquire all buckwheat benefits! Devour it with big amounts! It was delicious! So nice! It was an amazing meal! I felt a human when I had it! Full of energy and not tired or sleepy! 
The only way to lose weight with buckwheat is to have it 80 - 90%% of your meal and you are extremely welcome to eat kasha as much as you wish! This is the only food you can devour in huge amounts after 6 pm! By doing so you gonna lose it! It will be lost and gone! Your fat!
Go to a restaurant during weekends and have some fancy meals! But during the weekdays devour buckwheat kasha! Slim again! 

Green buckwheat is not good for devouring! Our product is what you need! Roasted Buckwheat!  Right here

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