0% - Sugar
0% - Gluten
0% - Sodium
0% - Chemicals
0% - Cholesterol
Selenium, Zinc
Magnesium, Iron
Potassium, Calcium
Fiber, Protein, Rutin
Phosphorus, Copper

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Looking forward to seeing you!

Sun, 21 Jul
8:30am - 13:00pm

Papamoa's Community Market

Te Manawa Papamoa School
72 Te Okuroa Drive, Papamoa

Are you on our side, or not?
It will be here if you don't help us.
But you are powerful.

Yes. And that is why we must use that power wisely and with restraint - a tenet we have adopted from human philosophy. If we rush to your assistance at every hint of trouble, your culture would become utterly dependent upon us, and we would become your masters. If that were ever to happen, you would rebel and lash out at us, for that is the strongest part of our nature. We do not want that situation to arise.

P. Hamilton, Judas Unchained

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