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Progress is a result of human "laziness". I like a comfortably warm room. Nice soft chair and wireless keyboard. The remote control is better than reaching out for the button. 

I would not like to live in a cave nowadays. Without a nice hot shower, heat pump, supermarket across the street. We do not press buttons anymore, do not type messages. We can just tell our smartphone what to do. Life is simpler and easier now in many ways. We will never stop to make our life more comfortable and easy.

There are more atoms in a seed of buckwheat, s than stars in a universe.
Where is this minimization leading us to? What can be next or what happened to the previous civilizations 20 000 or more years ago prior to us. Here what will happens next to our civilization if we keep evolving:

> 3d scanned model of a person can be created easily now. You can replace any movie character with any model even either yourself or anybody else.
> Quantum computers access and communicate with brain cells. Monitors, keyboards, and mouses deprecated. Computers are tiny and can be implanted in the human body.
> AI creates thousands of Virtual worlds that are connected together.
> Humans spend more time at the new virtual worlds while hibernating their real bodies.
> Life support systems can look after human bodies for years now, while personalities are at the virtual worlds.
> AI learns how to store information in a liquid.
> Brain now can be extracted from the body to make life support easier, Many people depart to dwell in virtual worlds. They give up body and only their brain remains in huge brain libraries.
> AI can transfer all the brain information to a liquid. Brain libraries transferring into info-lakes. You can still communicate with the individuals but their personalities habitat are liquid libraries.
> The majority is giving up a physical world and departing to live as a new kind. Never cold, never hungry, no physical suffering.
> AI now can store info in atoms. Everybody's personalities profiles transferring from info-lakes to the atom clouds.
> The atom clouds libraries shoot away from the Earth. Atom clouds become smart and independent.
> Humanity is leaving the Earth to dwell and travel the universe as a stardust civilizations.





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